Sunshine Market is proud to introduce our newest adventure into sustainable and regenerative farming. In the next upcoming years, our partners at Sunshine Permaculture will be hard at work building a productive, resilient and diverse 13-acre farmland in Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai.

Permaculture, or “Permanent Agriculture” is a set of design principles aimed at building systems that follow patterns found in our natural ecosystems. Through the principles of permaculture and other traditional farming practices, we’ll be fixing the degraded soil quality on our farm in order to grow fresh vegetables, raise animals and establish permanent food forest systems. With all of the different elements working together to create a healthy and diverse ecosystem, we hope to serve our customers with quality ingredients, produce and products from our very own farm. Below is the initial design of our farm created by the talented team at Good Life Permaculture. We’ll be working hard to make this design come to life. You can keep up with our adventure through our instagram page here, where we’ll be posting updates regularly on our progress!


We do not use fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, or hormones at any stage of the growing process. Read more about our farming practices .


We believe that the food that you eat should nourish your mind and body. Our focus on soil biology produces food that are healthy and nutritious for you and your family.


Our vegetables are harvested early in the morning and then delivered to Sunshine Market on the same day. This ensures that the produce are fresh when they reach you.


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