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Natasha Srichawla
Premchit Srichawla
Premrattana Srichawla
Manjeshree Srichawla
Kawal Srichawla

Premrattana (Prem) Srichawla was born in Bangkok, Thailand. With an educational background of computer science at Mahidol University, she has worked in a myriad of firms, companies, and more recently in her own business endeavors. Her interest in organic and wholegrain foods began with the birth of her first child. Ever since then, she has been feeding her family natural, organic, and unprocessed foods for the past two decades.

In 2009, her son suffered from severe food intolerance due to overdose of antibiotics. With the help of numerous nutritionists and healthcare practitioners, he made a gradual recovery. As her son began to recover, Prem started becoming even more interested in nutrition and the role that food plays in causing diseases. With the belief that health is the best investment one can make in life, Prem along with the help of her sisters and nieces founded Sunshine Market in 2013.

This healthy supermarket and bakery was born of their desire to share their passions for food and help others who have similar intolerances with products that try to cater to all dietary requirements. Currently, Sunshine Market is importing more than 10 brands from across the world and products are being sold in more than 50 supermarkets across the country – available to anyone and everyone.

Our Staff

We Specialize in:

Specialty Bakery

We specialize in making gluten-free, organic and vegan baked goods such as cookies, energy bars and brownies. These items along with many more healthy treats can be enjoyed fresh out of the oven at Sunshine Market.

Organic Food Market

The Sunshine Market team sources the best organic food and skincare products from the best selling brands around the world. We make sure our customers can easily access the best and healthiest ingredients.

Distributing Wholesale Products

The team also specializes in redistributing items in our stock in bulk. Please feel free to email our team at info@sunshinemarket.co.th if you're interested in buying our products wholesale.

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Freshly made today Açaí Protein Ball! If you want to try something different then typical açaí bowl! Açaí is packed with antioxidants and contains excellent amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin A which is great for health and for keeping your skin clear and glowing. 
It’s gluten free, vegan & refined sugar free! 
#blissball #proteinball #acai #açaí #protein #vegan
New Arrival! 
New Arrival: 
Sunwarrior Vegan Clean Keto Protein Peptides
New!! 100% Plant-Based Clean Keto Protein Peptides

Burn Fat As Fuel

Clean fat from Coconut MCT Oil combined with fava bean protein, fermented pea protein, and protein peptides from fermented brown rice provides fast energy and helps curb cravings. We've included essential vitamins (no synthetics), and minerals our bodies require.

Staying in Ketosis is now Clean & Easy!

#veganprotein #ketodiet #ketoprotein #sunwarrior #plantbased
New arrival: 
We all know prevention is better than cure, so ditch the downtime and get ahead of sickness with Morlife Berry Active Immune. ⁠🍓
Protect yourself from all angles, with a broad range of essential nutrients including Selenium, Zinc & Vitamins A, B6, B12, C & D to bolster healthy immune function. ⁠

Berry Active Immune contains 13 fortifying herbal extracts including Elderberry, Echinacea, Turmeric, Maitake & Shiitake to make a delicious elixir that’ll safeguard your wellness whatever the weather. 
#immune #vitmains #immunebooster #superfood #vitmainc
SALE ALERT!! Currently all PROBAR items are on sale! Stock up now from today till 31st March! 
The rich taste of an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie packed into this gluten free MEAL bar! 
#probar #glutenfree #proteinbars #veganprotein #plantbased
Freshly made Wonderful Gluten free white Bread! Taste like the real white bread! 😋 
#glutenfree #dairyfree #glutenfreebread #sandwichbread
Vegan cheesecake tart for dessert anyone? Freshly made today! The hint of citrus in the loving earth lemon cheesecake chocolate gives the tart a creamy and refreshing touch! 😋 
Gluten free & Vegan 
Recipe: https://m.lovingearth.net/blog/blog/2018/10/01/no-bake-raw-lemon-cheesecake-tart/
#lovingearth #glutenfree #vegan #vegandessert #rawdesserts #vegancheesecake
Mint, Salted Caramel & Creamy! Which one is your favorite?? Aren’t they all just too good! 🥰🤩 Available now @gourmetmarket @villa.supermarket  #lovingearth #veganchocolate #veganthailand #healthylifestyle
Whether you’re back in the office or classroom, defend yourself from any nasties floating around. With superfood ingredients like Turmeric, Camu Camu and Inulin you know you’ll be giving your immune system a kick with this smoothie.

Immune Boosting Smoothie
2 Cups Baby Spinach
1 Cup Fresh Pineapple
1 Ripe Kiwi Fruit
Juice of ½ Lemon
2 Teaspoons Morlife Inulin Plus
1 Teaspoon Grated Ginger
1/2 Teaspoon Morlife Certified Organic Turmeric 
1 Teaspoon Morlife Certified Organic Camu Camu
1 Cup Coconut Milk

#immunesupport #boostimmunesystem #vitaminc #inulin #camucamu #organic #superfood #healthylifestyle
Love someone get your special someone some healthy gluten free & Vegan bakery @sunshinemarketbkk ❤️❤️🌹
Raspberry : Enjoy  yogi woman’s raspberry leaf tea ☕️ which is a single ingredient herbal drink. You can taste a slight hint of its natural sweetness. Great for an afternoon pick up without caffeine. 
It is high in anti inflammatory properties and help relieve pain associated with gout, arthritis and other joint conditions. 
Drinking raspberry leaf tea during your menstrual cycle can help reduce cramps. 
Take it up a notch with the anti oxidant and add some goji berries in your tea. .
#yogiteathailand #herbaldrink #raspberryleaf
Rich and Creamy Caramel 🧡 Cacao butter, evaporated coconut nectar and nuts. THAT'S IT ✨ #minimalingredients #minimallyprocessed #vegan #veganchocolate #lovingearth #organicchocolate
Eat like you LOVE yourself 🥰
Come try our green smoothie bowl. Full of alkaline goodness and great for your immunity.

#love #immunity #greensmoothie #healthyfood #healthyeating #vegan #smoothiebowl
We are very excited to announce that your wish has been granted from tomorrow onwards our Coconut yogurt will be available @gourmetmarket Paragon & EmQuartier! It’s gluten free and vegan! Rich and creamy perfect for snacking. 
#coconutyogurt #vegan #dairyfreeyogurt #veganyogurt #snack #healthysnack
These cookies are crisp, spicy and sweet - definitely something you want on your holiday cookie platter! 😋 They're spiced with molasses, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with a little drizzle of white chocolate and chopped pistachios! Let's get baking!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀
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Dark Chocolate Banana bread made from oats! It’s flourless, gluten free, & Vegan! Perfect for holiday gifts! Order yours now! 
#holiday #bananabread #glutenfree #vegan #healthyeating
Keep your pantry stocked up with these basic goodness for the holidays! #organic #oatmeal #vegan #veganprotein #cooking #healthyingredients #healthycooking
Date Walnut Cake! Made with Almond flour & Sweetened with Dates! It’s Gluten free, Dairy Free & Refined Sugar Free! Low in carbohydrates and Paleo friendly! 
#paleo #glutenfree #almondflour #dairyfree #sugarfree #dates #walnut #healthydesserts

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