Sunshine market, Thailand’s first health shop, offers a variety of products suited for those with all kinds of dietary needs. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or even just looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, Sunshine Market is the place for you! We don’t just specialize in food. As a store, we also focus on super foods, supplements and vitamins, organic skincare and pet-care products, as well as natural alternative remedies to aid all common ailments and conditions.

But Sunshine Market also takes it a step further. While we also sell great and healthy ingredients that are sure to fill your kitchen with love and wellness, we also have a bakery that provides fresh breads, desserts, and drinks that cater to a variety of dietary lifestyles. Our breads and snacks are all gluten and dairy-free, and are a great alternative to the usual sugar-packed processed snacks.

We invite you to come and find foods, products, and remedies that will enrich your life and household with health.

Baking with alternative flours

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